Why Select Arihant Trailer Services - ATS?

Why Us?

ATS is owner of fleet of Multi-Axle Trailers with a carrying capacity ranging from 20 M.T to 80 M.T.Advice on equipment and route selection.

Cost Optimization?

ATS offers total service through one window and for specialized transportation from point to Point carrying.

Handling at Docks and Ports?

Loading and unloading of cargo.

Bulk and Break Bulk cargo.



About us

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Welcome to Arihant Trailer Services

ATS is unanimously powered by reliability. Exclusive self-owned Trailers, 100% supervision, as well as comprehensive in-house maintenance/workshop services, make ATS the most trusted name in transportation of heavy, extra long, wide and / or high size cargo in just 3years of its operation.

With the complements to its credit from the leading multi-national Companies of the country, Arihant Trailer Services finds it easy to prepare itself to execute successfully, the most challenging assignments. Now, the mission of the Owner and his Team-mates is all determined to reach International Standards in carrying Trailer-worthy, Containerized and/or Over-Dimensional Consignments.

About the Proprietor

Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain, the Proprietor of the Firm, is a renowned person in the field of Transportation of Trailer-worthy Goods. After getting his Master’s Degree in Commerce, he earned a good lot of experience while he was attached in a job as key personnel in one of the biggest Trailer operating Companies in the country. This, ultimately, paved his way to enter this business.

The ability and confidence to manage all kinds of activities of business of Transportation encouraged him to put his all-out efforts in developing the strength of his own Fleet.

Today, he is an accomplished Trailer Owner and operating his own Company. By his wit, acumen and decision at both Management and Corporate levels, he has been able to develop the volume of Business and establish the name of the Company.

There would be no exaggeration to say that an entrepreneur turned to be a businessman in just 10 years. Attention towards training the staff to work on areas of activities which influence on the quality of services in Transportation gained him loyalty amongst his customers in the business.